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[Tutorial] Cocos2d-x: Create the first simple game - Gameover, calculate scores, add sounds for game effervescent (Part 4)

In this last part, we do all remaining tasks:

+ Check game-Over when monsters collide character
+ Add sound when shooting bullets and add some background music for more attractive.
+ Here skip calculating scores. This lesson is only in simple level.

Now let's start!!!!!

Step 1 - Add sound into game

You Download resource, copy into folder Resource of Project
Then open file HelloWordScene.cpp, in function init(), add the following lines

CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine::getInstance()->playBackgroundMusic("background-music-aac.wav",true); // True = unlimited loop

Find to function onTouchEnded(), add the following lines



Add a command #include"SimpleAudioEngine.h" after first "#include" .

Step 2 - Create GameOver scene

you create a new Scene named GameOverScene.h and GameOverScene.cpp like this, Download Class

Now view a bit the two files:

* Open file GameOverScene.h, declare 2 Classes GameOverLayer, and GameOverScene, with constructor, destructor, init() function.

But, you should notice the two commands:

CC_SYNTHESIZE_READONLY(cocos2d::LabelTTF*, _label, Label); (1)

CC_SYNTHESIZE_READONLY(GameOverLayer*, _layer, Layer); (2)

It's rather difficult to see, but we can see as follow:

(1) create a variable _label with type LabelTTF* through a method of Label class

(2) create a variable _layer with type GameOverLayer* tthrough a method of Layer class

It's simple like so, you can study more about function Inline here

* Open file GameOverScene.cpp, destructor (with the mark ~ ), simply release the pointers of class to release memory.

Consider function Init()
GameOverScene::init(), create a new Scene with new Layer
GameOverLayer::init(), create a layer with white color - Color4B(255,255,255,255)

Color3B create color of RGB from 3 input params. Color4B create color of RGBA from 4 input params, there the last param will adjust opacity.

This block: 

this->runAction( Sequence::create(

is to create 2 Actions continuously
+ delay 3 seconds: DelayTime::create(3)
+ Then CallFunc::create(this, callfunc_selector(GameOverLayer::gameOverDone)), // call function gameOverDone

The function gameOverDone() do only task to replace GameOverScene by new Game Scene to continue playing

void GameOverLayer::gameOverDone()
    Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(HelloWorld::createScene()); // Create a new Game Scene

You open file HelloWordScene.cpp, find to function onContactBegin(), in the code block:

// Character that is collided by monsters
// process GameOver
// calculate scores

Add the following code block

auto gameOverScene = GameOverScene::create(); // Create a Scene Over of GameOverScene class
gameOverScene->getLayer()->getLabel()->setString("You Lose :["); // Set a message on the screen
Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(gameOverScene); // Replace game Scene by  game Over Scene 

Remember to add "#include"GameOverScene.h" in #include lines.

Before compiling and running, you must do the following task:

+ Build Android, open file in the path firstgame\\jni\ add this line ../../Classes/GameOverScene.cpp below the line ../../Classes/HelloWorldScene.cpp
+ Build Win32: open file firstgame.vcxproj in the path firstgame\proj.win32\firstgame.vcxproj add the two following lines:

<ClCompile Include="..\Classes\GameOverScene.h" /> below the line <ClCompile Include="..\Classes\HelloWorldScene.h" />

<ClCompile Include="..\Classes\GameOverScene.cpp"/> below the line <ClCompile Include="..\Classes\HelloWorldScene.cpp" />

Now build and run 

And ... error 

You should add USING_NS_CC; below the lines "#include" in GameOverScene.h ( each .h file should be added it ).

Done, build and run now is OK.

Now we complete the first game project
In this project we study some following basic:
+ Create character by Sprite
+ Catch Touch event - touchscreen
+ Catch Contact event - physical collision
+ Process sound
+ Process Game Over

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